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How it all started

Angel Gonzalez & Brandon Bartlett began their e-commerce journey in 2020 as a by-product of the Covid pandemic. A desire to find and create additional, yet passive income, was their goal. Owning an automated e-commerce store soon gave way to obtaining three additional stores over the course of the 2021 after seeing the profits that could be made.

Then, those close to them – friends, family, and business associates alike began seeing the potential income that could be earned by acquiring a store and opening a automation business themselves. This gave Angel & Brandon the idea of wanting to help others find additional income sources as well.

This led them to researching more into this new found path and overtime, they were able to establish relationships with other individuals and companies in the e-commerce automation industry.

The desire to help others and, with the support from their friends and family, coupled together to form Five Star Automation – a name derived from their very first store, Five Star E-commerce.

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Angel Gonzalez

Angel Gonzalez

Business Development

Brandon Bartlett

Brandon Bartlett